Lockdown: Relief / 60% of the country's economy will catch momentum today, only activities will start in green zone

Lockdown: Relief / 60% of the country's economy will catch momentum today, only activities will start in green zone

Limited activities will begin on Monday in the Coronet-free district. This will be the first time 25 days after the lockdown that begins on March 25, when people leave for work. The central government, on the other hand, withdrew its permission to sell all the goods online to the e-commerce companies, saying that companies could only deliver the required items.

Who's exempted?
  • Cargo / urgent services
  • Cargo transportation by air, rail, road and sea
  • Freight vehicle with two drivers and a helper
  • Supply from Manufacturing, Wholesale, Retail, Shops / Trains.
  • Dhabas and truck repair garages on the highway
  • Staff and workers come and go for the much needed services.
  • Driver in the four wheeler and one person in the back seat allowed.

Just one person on a towel.
  • Workplace employees.
  • Agricultural Services
  • Can be worked in the fields. Agencies connected to the production system related to agriculture.
  • Services associated with machinery shops, custom hiring centers, fertilizers and seeds.
  • Fish farming, poultry farming and sale.
Public services
  • Must follow online education services, teaching, training, coaching, 'MNREGA' mask and social distance.
Financial / Social Services
  • RBI and IT vendors for financial markets and companies, banks, ATMs, banking operations under its control
  • Sebi and Capital and Debt Market Services, IRDA and Insurance Companies
  • Child, Divorce & Aging, Communication Home & Aftercare Home
  • Payment of pension and provident fund through Social Security Pension, EPFO.
  • According to global financial services firm Nomura, 60% of the economy will start functioning in India from April 20. Although 22% of them are already operational.
Contribution of already running sectors: 22.4%: Manufacturing (Limited) -5.30%, Storage -0.10%, Telecom and Broadcasting -2.90%, Utilities -2.70%, Financial Services -5.40%, Machinery-security services -6.10%

The contribution of sectors starting today is 37.2%: Minerals -2.30%, Logistics -1.20%, IT Services -4.40%, Rural production - 6.70%, Construction (rural and limited cities) - 5.70%

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