2008 UCHCHTAR PAGAR DHORAN - 7th Pay Commission – Pay Fixation | Increment | Promotion

7th Pay Commission – Pay Fixation | Increment | Promotion

While implementing the recommendations of 7th Pay Commission, Govt ensured that the commission’s pay related recommendations are accepted as such.

Govt also accepted 7th Pay Commission;s innovative concept of all in one pay scale called “Pay Matrix” which caters to entry pay and pay fixation of all Central Government Employees. Consquently, Running Pay Band and Grade Pay introduced by 6th Pay Commission were done away with.

Fixation of pay in the revised pay structure as per Rule 7 of Central Civil Services (Revised Pay) Rules, 2016.-

Step 1 : Multiply Basic Pay of Employee as on 31st December 2015 existing basic pay by a factor of 2.57, rounded off to the nearest rupee

Step 2: Determine the level in Pay Matrix using Grade Pay last drawn – Grade Pay pertaining to each level is given on the top of Each level in Pay Matrix

Step 3. Find the cell in the level determined in Step 2, which contains the amount equal to the figure determined in Step 1. If such cell is available amount containined in the said cell will be the basic pay of the employee. If no such Cell is available in the applicable Level, amount in the immediate next higher Cell will be the basic pay of the employee concerned.

2. In the case of medical officers who are drawing Non Practicing Allowance (NPA) :

As we all know, Medical Officers / Doctors who are serving in Central Government Service were entitled to Non-Practicing Allowance at the rate of 25% on the 6th CPC basic Pay.

Pay fixation in such cases is done as follows.

No. A Government Employee who was on leave on 1st January 2016 and entitled to Leave Salary will be fixed with revised as per Central Civil Services Revised Pay Rules 2016 with effect from 1st January 2016. in the case of Study Leave also

Suspended Employee will get pay revision subject to the final order in the Disciplinary Proceedings.

4. How to fix revised Pay when an employee is officiating in higher Post?

In the case of an employee who is holding a higher post on a regular basis, the revised pay will be based on the pay drawn in officiating post.

Govt has made provisions in CCS Revised Pay Rules 2016, to upgrade the pay of a senior who was drawing lesser pay than his / her junior in the same post prior to 1st January 2016. In such cases, the senior employee gets fixed in the revised pay structure in a Cell lower than that of such junior, his pay shall be stepped up to the same Cell in the revised pay structure as that of the junior.

5. How to apply 7th pay Commission Pay Matrix in the case of Employees appointed on or after 1st January 2016?

Central Government Employees who are appointed on or after 01.01.2016, will be fixed at the minimum pay or the first Cell the level applicable to the post in which the employee concerned in appointed.

Increments in revised pay structure using 7th CPC Pay Matrix

Annual Increment for Central Government Employees will be paid by granting the amount specified in the cell, which is veticallly next downwards in the same level of pay, as the Basic Pay after grant of annual increment.


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