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HOME LEARNING 10th FEBRUARY VIDEO STD 3 TO 12 The education department has issued a notification on June 9 with some rules regarding the educational performance of state schools in the wake of the Corona epidemic.  In which it is said that schools will be started from 9th June but students are not a…



WhatsApp based weekly exam matter

As students are doing academic work from a distance mode in the present circumstances, it seems very necessary to check the learning outcome level of the children.  For this the whole punishment as well as the C.C.C.  A WhatsApp base is planned to be evaluated weekly through.  As per the list included, Standard Wise Subject Wise WhatsApp Based Weekly Test based on the content of Std. 3 to 8 as well as the subject matter of GVS Live Classes for Std.  To be launched on a pilot basis.
 On 23/01/2021, Std-3 Gujarati, Std-4 Gujarati and Std-6 Gujarati, WhatsApp based exam based on 10 multiple choice questions of environment will be organized.

 Std 3 to 12 Whatsapp Based Weekly Exam Test |  Circulars on WhatsApp based weekly examinations are being telecast from DD Girnar channel through Doordarshan Kendra under Homelarning through Std-1 to 5 as well as episodes of Std-6 to 8 by GCERT.  The entire education and C.C.C.  Is broadcasting live online classes under Gujarat Virtual School (GVS) for students of Std-9 to 12.

 Please provide this information to all the students of all the schools in your district through their school.

number of programs are run by Shiksha Gandhinagar across the state to help students from the state level in the epidemic of WhatsApp based weekly examination (self-assessment) COVID-19.  Accordingly, in today's age of technology, students are able to operate multiple devices, so through the WhatsApp, children can test their proficiency in their studies and find themselves in their own field with difficulty and need to rehearse at which point of the chapter.  He may even know.
 For this, a weekly practice (self-assessment) based on WhatsApp has been organized.

 The number 8595524523 has been fixed for this.

 If the student saves this number and just writes HELLO, he will get Quick REPLAY  Is.

 Thus Quick REPLAY is their hallmark throughout the process.

 Students will get Quick REPLAY if they just type HELLO.  Thanks for joining the HOME LEARNING program. The study will not stop now.
The details of the school will be sent as soon as the student's U-Dice code of the school is written and sent.  In which the name of the school, dice code, taluka, district and also 1 reply for yes will be typed and sent.  And if there is wrong information, type 2 replies and send.

 As soon as the student types 1 reply and sends it, he will ask them to select the standard.  In which the student has to state his standard.

 What is the first name of the student as soon as the student states his standard?  It will ask for details only in English alphabet and child tracking (according to Aadhaar Enabled Dias).

 As soon as a student types his first name Pratish Reply and sends it, the name of the father and the date of birth of the student will be displayed in the school and as many students as there will be in that class.  The order of his name among them will be to ensure it.

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