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Home Learning -Online Education by DD Girnar and YOU-TUBE,dated-21/12/2020

H ome Learning -Online Education by DD Girnar and YOU-TUBE,dated-21/12/2020 Primary schools in the state have been closed for a long time due to coronavirus.  Schools and colleges have been closed to prevent the spread of the corona.  The importance of home learning is greatly enhanced by the closure…

Online photography competition

Online photography competition

        Jayabharat co. As per the above topic and context, NCERT, New Delhi has organized an online photography competition for students of all schools across the country at the end of the two year period of Gandhiji 150th birth anniversary celebrations as per the instructions of the School Education and Literacy Department of the Government of India.  
        This competition is to be reported in all the schools of Gujarat immediately.  Attached is a letter from New Delhi providing detailed guidance for the successful conduct and completion of the competition.  You have to study it and follow it.  All schools in the state will also have to send the letter along with the enclosure.  So that they can understand the rules properly and participate in the competition.

Online photography competition

Detailed information about the competition Photography Competition

 1, Competition Format Photography Competition to Celebrate Mahatma Gandhi's 10th Birthday 
2. Theme Options for Photography Contest "Labor Pride" or "One India Best India 
3. Camera Use: Any Camera with Cell Phones  

4.Method of Submission: Only in PEG format 
5. Grade categories for the competition .. Category 1: Standard 1 to 5 Category 2: Standard 6 to 8 Category 3: Standard 9 to 12 

6. Number of entries per student: Only one per child  Only entry 
7. Where the student has to submit the entry.All students have to submit their entry in their respective school 
8. Last date for submission of entry in schools by students: October 9, 2020 
9. Action by school: Principal / Head of school concerned  Arrange a selection of the best photographs in each grade category and upload the best selected photos from October 10 to 15, 2020 at the following link: https: // innovate mygov.in/photography-co  ntest 

10. When uploading the details of the entry, the information to be filled by the school compulsorily: the name of the child, the grade category, the name of the school, the address of the school, the state where the school is located / UT.  , School UDISE code, principal's email id.  Mobile number of the school / head of the school,11, role of NCERT;  After submitting all entries, MyGov / NCERT will sort these entries by state wise category and send them to the respective States / UTs by October 20, 2020. 
13. State Level Winners: The top five entries from each category in each state must be considered as State Level Winners and certified by NCERT. 
14. Selection of Best Entries at National Level: This Selection  The process will be carried out by a team authorized by NCERT from 15th to 30th November 2020.
15. Announcement of National Winners: NCERT by NCERT from 15 to 30 November 2020.  Will be done by.  

16. Certificate Distribution: All the contestants whose photographs have been uploaded by MyGov schools will be given a certificate for participating in the competition by a joint venture of NCERT and MyGov.  
17. Prize: NCERT will select the top three winners and seven consolation entries in each category.  The winners will be given books, pen drives with digital resources and cash prizes (first prize Rs. 10,000 / -, second prize Rs. 5,000 / -, and third prize Rs. 5,000 / -).  Seven consolation prizes will be given in each entry (Rs. 2000 / - each).

    Online photography competition

Online photography competition

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