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 8 March Sunday Shala chalu rakhava no Letter Radd Rajy Mathi Suchana

 March Sunday Shala chalu rakhava no Letter Radd Rajy Mathi Suchana

Regarding the above subject, it is to be stated that on the eighth March, 2020, on the occasion of Women's Day, a program is being organized for the self-education training of all girls in all Government schools of the State.
**Meeting at district level**
convened a meeting in district jointly by the joint venture of the self-defense training planning committee and members of the police department of the district and the agencies from which the district has .

   ***Planning a program***
 Organizing the program according to the OD day pattern.
Demonstration of self-defense training to at least one thousand girls of the district headquarters schools at district level.  Demonstration of self defense training.  For which to choose the field headquarters in the primary school or secondary school.

Cluster level Demonstration of self-defense training to at least 200 girls in all cluster schools.  Pay for  Center School Selecting another primary school or secondary school field or other field.
*Keep program time between 8-00 and 9-00 hours in the morning*
Special invitations to the Officer Officers of District Officers of District Taluka and all women officers in the program.  After the completion of the program, arrange for nutritious diet for all welfare. Regarding the practice of the program with all the girls regularly from March 1st and reschedule the program on the field to schedule the program a couple of days in advance.
Special care should be taken for girls participating in the program at district and district level so that the district headquarters are at the school of the district headquarters.  

In addition, girls of standard 10 and 12 are not included. The incidental cost required for the whole program, which will be the primary and secondary decision of the self-defense training in that district.

Regarding the planning of Demostration Program for the Self-Defense ""SAKHAM""Training of Girls in Government Schools on March 8, 2020.

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