School Inspector Exam Bija Tabbaka exam Babate paripatr exam results declerd

School Inspector Exam Bija Tabbaka exam Babate paripatr exam results declerd

Teacher of experience financial transactions requiring its use, be it for salary purposes, purchase of goods exceeding a certain amount or just to deposit/withdraw money. Given its use, most of us tend to carry it with us, exposing it to the danger of damage/theft/loss. We often come across cases of people losing their PAN cards on a daily basis, which is why the government has implemented sufficient measures, ensuring that a duplicate PAN isn’t hard to get.

When to apply for a duplicate 
You will most likely need to apply for a duplicate PAN card when your card gets lost, misplaced, stolen, damaged, or when your current PAN card has inaccuracies that need to be rectified such as your name, PAN details, etc.
The process for applying for a duplicate PAN is very simple. Whether you are an individual, body of individuals, association of persons, trust, limited liability partnership, or a Hindu Undivided Family, you can apply by going to the official website of Tax Information Network – National Securities Depository Limited (TIN – NSDL) of the Income Tax Department.
When you lose your PAN card, you will first have to file an FIR. Next, you will have to request for a reprint of your PAN by supplying your old PAN card number and a copy of your FIR. Many people are not ready to go through this legal process. Hence, they instead apply for a new PAN card.
Individuals/trusts/HUFs who wish to apply for a duplicate PAN card or reprint an existing card on account of damages can do so by following a few simple steps. One should note that this can be done only if they have been allotted a PAN card, which on account of certain reasons needs to be reprinted. In such cases, the Permanent Account Number doesn’t change, with only a new card with other modifications (if any) provided.
When announced the launch of the new service of providing e-PAN to applicants while they apply for a new card, it proved to be a relief to many. In case someone has lost or misplaced their PAN card, they can download an e-PAN card in PDF format. All they need to do is follow the steps mentioned below:
Applicants need to log on .

Next step is to fill in details like name, phone number, and email ID on form that appears on the screen.

Once, the applicant submits the form, the e-PAN card will be sent to them visa email in PDF format

School Inspector Exam  Bija Tabbaka exam Babate paripatr exam resuts.

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