Change Of UDISE DCF 2019 : How To Fill UDISE+ Form 2019 ? Step by Step Guideline In Gujarati Language

How To Fill UDISE+ DCF Form 2019 ? Step by Step Guideline In Gujarati Language

Data Capture Format


Unified District Information System For Education Plus


(For Upper Primary Schools having Grades 1-12)

Department of School Education & Literacy

Ministry of Human Resource Development

Government of India

Section 1
School Profile (Location, Structure, Management and Medium of Instruction
Section 2
Physical Facilities and Equipments
Section 3
Teaching and Non- Teaching Staff
Section 4
New Admissions, Enrolment and Repeaters
Section 5
Incentive and Facilities provided to children
Section 6
Annual Examination Result
Section 8
Receipts and Expenditure
Section 10
PGL Indicators
Section 11
School Safety
Note : There is 1 Master DCF (for Schools having Grades 1 – 11). 18 versions for each category of school has been designed. Questions pertaining to your category of school only will be visible to you. Questions not pertaining to your school category have been deleted. Hence, question numbers will not be in serial order.
All Fields are mandatory for your category of DCF and should not be left blank.     Page – 1 of 26
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